Many quick services restaurants and retail stores struggle to find enough hourly workers to meet consumer demand. That puts franchise owners in a difficult position. Without enough qualified employees, you can’t give your customers the positive experiences they expect. Eventually, that will lead to lower revenues. 

So, how can you solve hourly recruiting problems in a tight labor market?

Unique Insights You Can Leverage Through Hourly Recruitment Data 

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An hourly recruitment data firm can help you make informed choices that attract top applicants and improve retention. Can hourly recruitment intelligence benefit your franchise? 

Consider how other owners and hiring managers have reached their goals by relying on HourWork’s recruitment and retention platform.

Learn Why Hourly Workers Choose To Stay or Leave

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Employee retention matters just as much as talent acquisition. When you get a great worker on your team, you want them to keep showing up and helping everyone succeed. Unfortunately, your best workers probably look like ideal job candidates to your competitors. What can you do to convince them to stay with you instead of going to other hourly jobs?

You might think that paying a higher wage is the right answer. Sometimes hourly workers choose to stay or leave for reasons outside of pay, though.

HourWork has performed thousands of exit surveys to help you create a work environment your hourly employees love. You might discover that employees leave for reasons you never considered. Perhaps they feel frustrated because they don’t understand how your scheduling software works. Maybe they have obligations outside of work that make it impossible for them to come to your location during certain days or hours.

Hourly recruitment data and intelligence gives you insight into how you can improve employee retention and avoid the expenses of onboarding and training new recruits.

HourWork can improve retention by more than 50% during an employee’s first 90 days on the job.

Learn more about how HourWork can help you stop turnover.

See QSR Wages by ZIP Code Across the Nation

It’s difficult for small businesses to attract and retain qualified candidates when nearby restaurants pay higher wages. Even a slight difference can influence whether hourly workers choose your restaurant. If a location down the street pays $0.50 more per hour than you, full-time hourly employees could make an extra $1,000 per year by choosing that restaurant over yours.

HourWork’s hourly recruitment data and intelligence report helps you set competitive wages that attract top candidates so you can build a dream team at your location.

Sign up for a free wage report to see your areas:

  • Median, 75th, and 90th percentile wages for job titles like restaurant manager, supervisor, and crew member
  • Wage trends over the last 12 months

Talent acquisition becomes much easier when you know what pay to offer. With HourWork, you can choose an amount that appeals to job seekers but doesn’t cut into your profits. Ideally, you will make more money by finding better job candidates who work hard and stay with your location.

Maximize Applicant Flow With Automation Tools

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Your hiring manager doesn’t need to manually review applications to find the right job candidates. Recruitment Intelligence automates some of the most time-consuming tasks in the hiring process so you can find the right people for open positions.

High-volume hiring could bring in dozens or hundreds of applications. Artificial intelligence software can review applications to find candidates with the right skills and experience. You get a smaller number of applications from people you’ll want to hire.

Automation tools can also contact passive candidates who aren’t currently looking for new jobs. For example, you might choose to send an open position announcement to some of your previous employees. Rehiring them simplifies the hiring and training process.

You can also automate tasks like:

  • Posting jobs on social media.
  • Re-engaging previous applicants via text message.
  • Managing employee referral programs that reward hourly workers when they refer successful applicants.

Read HourWork’s success stories to see how other franchise owners benefit from automation tools that improve application flow.

HourWork Goes Beyond the Value of Hourly Recruitment Intelligence Firms

HourWork is a SaaS, cloud-based recruitment and retention platform developed for quick-serve restaurant (QSR) owners like you.

Miscommunication is the root cause of hiring and retention challenges for today’s hourly employers. The HourWork platform has features designed to create smoother communication to:

  • Dramatically improve applicant flow.
  • Eliminate retention issues.
  • Match your location’s labor needs with workers who have the right skill set and availability.


HourWork’s franchisee clients come from some of the industry’s largest multi-unit operators working with brands like Burger King, Dominos, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and White Castle. More than 5,000 locations rely on HourWork’s applicant flow and retention services. More specifically, the platform serves 5.3 million hourly workers!

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