If you’re having trouble finding hourly workers or salaried employees, you’re not alone. Thanks to the Great Resignation, there’s a shortage of talent, and hiring managers are struggling. For every job opening, you may spend days, weeks, or even months attempting to fill the role. When you’re juggling multiple open positions, talent management is a time-consuming process.

Why is there such a shortage of talent? Why are applicants not even bothering to show up for an interview? Why is your turnover so high and unmanageable?

Leverage Past Employees with Hourly Hiring Solutions 

The truth is that the job market is completely different than ever before. Your hiring processes must change to attract and retain new hourly hires. More importantly, you need hourly hiring solutions that increase retention and attract a full team of employees. 

In short, you need ways to leverage your past hourly employees so they become dedicated, fulfilled workers who are committed to your team. Here’s how to improve your talent acquisition and high volume recruiting by leveraging the experiences of past employees.

Connect: Quickly and Consistently

Pulse survey being conducted via text message. Woman texting on cell phone to complete pulse survey.

First, you’ll need to reach out to former employees. How? It depends on the person. Many people prefer less-confrontational methods like email or text. Others still prefer phone calls. When in doubt, we suggest starting with a quick text or email, then following up three to five times over the next few weeks. It seems like a lot, but we’ve had great results with this type of connection.

Feedback: What Went Wrong?

Hand choose to rating score happy icons symbolizing pulse survey for employees

Once you’ve gotten a response, it’s time to figure out what went wrong. Why did the employee leave? You can figure this out pretty quickly if you just ask. Remember, don’t take the feedback personally and act on it immediately. If you can address the concern today, do it. Even if you disagree with the feedback, genuinely thank the person for their feedback so they know they’ve been heard.

Interest: Next Steps

If the former employee seems open to a conversation, it’s time to focus on them. What do they care about? What benefits interest them most? What did they like about the job and what did they dislike? Your goal is to keep them engaged so they are excited about the next steps—whether that’s a phone call, an interview or an orientation.

Retain: Always Check In

With this process, you’ll likely find former employees who are ready to try again. This time, make sure it’s a better experience for everyone. Most importantly, ask for feedback via milestone check-ins or pulse surveys. In general, we recommend performing pulse checks on the employee’s first day, as well as at the 30-, 60- and 90-day marks. If there are any issues, take swift action and share the feedback with managers and other team members, as needed.

How HourWork Can Help

In today’s job market, hourly job candidates can find a new job practically anywhere within 24 hours. If you want to attract and retain hourly hires, you need to revolutionize your hiring processes.

HourWork is hourly hiring software that helps over 5,000 US restaurants and retail stores find employees to fill every job description. Our hourly hiring solutions help clients find more job applicants and get them in the door so they become dedicated employees. In addition to our recruitment tools, we help companies reduce turnover rates so and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Interested in bolstering your recruitment process? Request a demo of our hourly hiring software or get in touch to discuss your hiring and retention needs.