Workers have become a valued commodity in recent months. There are global shortages in several sectors, including restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, and transportation. Many immigrant workers returned home during the worldwide pandemic or moved on as businesses closed in lockdown. People have also evaluated what they want to do as a career and resigned from posts to pursue something else, so employee turnover is high. 

Working from home became the norm but had a negative impact on the hospitality industry. In 2021, 47.4 million jobs were left on a voluntary basis. 

Better Retain Hourly Employees with These Strategies

So, how do you retain employees and hourly workers so you can keep your business running?

Communicate Well

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A significant reason people leave their job within 90 days of starting is poor communication

Examples include not being told what to do in the work environment and the lack of induction packages or training. These are crucial issues for safety reasons, especially in the food industry. Plus, good communication makes employees feel included and valued. Poor communication can be expensive for you as well because when new staff leave your business, you have to start re-hiring again. 

If you want to keep hourly staff working for your business, start by reviewing the training and induction people get and your onboarding process. Are people being communicated with appropriately? We’re not talking about shouting orders continually at people, but things like changes in the menu, opening times of a business, and other critical details or messaging that can easily be missed.

Do Some Basic Checks

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When you interview and hire and someone, a straightforward way of making sure they will show up for work and continue working is to ask a few screening questions. 

For example, asking how they will get to work and whether they have transportation addition, there may be hours they cannot work as they care for an elderly relative or child. 

By understanding these issues, you will not only avoid employing someone who could find it hard to show up at work, but you can also think about ways to be flexible. By improving your employee engagement strategies, you keep your best workers.

Support Your Staff

Making your staff feel welcome and a vital part of the team is critical, especially when engaging hourly workers. Take the time to learn their names and greet them when they arrive at work. And remember to thank them for the excellent work they do. 

Making your team members feel they belong is an effective way to tackle hourly employee retention and improve company culture. A few simple acts of kindness and support go a long way.

Learn How Recruitment and Retention Has Changed

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As an employer, you probably remember the days when people had a job for life. Today, people frequently have different careers and want flexibility in their job. In addition, some people work on an hourly basis because they want to have time to do other things. 

Learning about how the recruitment world has changed is vital if you want to know how to retain hourly employees. Leverage hourly employee retention services so you can learn valuable insights into staff retention rates and what to change in your workplace.

For example, sending a new hire a questionnaire a few days into their job to assess how they are doing and whether they need anything more from you, their employer. 

The questionnaire appears independent, so the hourly worker doesn’t feel you’re checking up on them or being too invasive. The process also allows the worker the opportunity to give an opinion. And as an employer, you’ll get valued insights into what needs to change to make your restaurant or store a better place to work. 

In a time when good hourly workers are hard to come by, that service is a positive step to make your business attractive to employees.

Be Inclusive

We live in a society where people come from diverse backgrounds. Making sure your company values everyone regardless of color, religion, or gender is essential in the workplace today. By creating a welcoming environment where employees feel safe and supported, you will have an advantage in retaining your staff. 

Stamp Out Bullying

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Bullies are destructive and lead to negative working culture, staff attrition, and stress. It is a major reason people leave jobs. As an employer, you must be alert for signs of bullying and be clear that the behavior will not be tolerated. A staff recruitment service that touches base with and engages with hourly workers is an effective way to find out some of the issues concerning people, including bullying.

The service industry has also seen an increase in difficult and intimidating customers. If you see a customer behaving inappropriately or a worker struggling to manage a situation, step in to defuse the situation and offer support. Ensure your team knows how to deal with people appropriately, such as providing staff with training about managing difficult situations and understanding customer care. 

When people feel unsupported in the workplace, it encourages them to leave.

Implement a Staff Recognition Strategy

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The majority of hourly workers do a great job, work long hours, and do jobs that can be demanding. Much of the work in your business that goes on behind the scenes is invisible to customers. 

Start a staff recognition scheme such as employee of the month so you can showcase the excellent work your team does. This kind of team building makes staff feel valued and will help retain hourly workers.

Review Your Staff Benefits

Does your business have opportunities for hourly employees to get a promotion or additional training? If your store or restaurant has opportunities for development and promotions, it gives people the incentive to aim higher. Signing up for a staff workspace is another effective way of getting employees to interact and say what is working well and what they would like to see, such as better work-life balance. By keeping this independent, you can focus on driving the business functions necessary to sustain your company.

Find Out Why People Leave

Some staff will inevitably move away to other workplaces. If they get a promotion, it’s something to celebrate. Implement an exit interview process so you can find out what improvements would have made a difference to people who leave, especially hourly workers. 

If you are trying to recruit people for your business or are looking for retention ideas for hourly employees, we can help.  HourWork assists over 5,000 restaurants and stores across the US hire and retain hourly employees. Get in touch with us today to discuss your retention and hiring needs.