Must-Do Rituals for Great Frontline Managers

Do you struggle to retain your hourly workers in this volatile market? 

You’re not alone. Many QSR managers across the country are working hard to overcome this new normal.

Our 2022 in Review & 2023 Predictions Reportfound that the No. 1 reason crew members quit in 2022 is because of bad management.

Now, time for the good news! Encouraging your GMs to add a few must-do rituals into their daily work life can help boost retention and engagement. Better news, we’ve built out a full guide that your managers can replicate across your locations! 

Why Use Rituals? 

For hard-working restaurant managers, there’s never enough time in the day. We know that happy employees make happy customers, but in today’s understaffed world, even the best managers can let employee engagement fall to the wayside.

That’s where rituals come in. Good rituals can help to improve your team’s productivity, efficiency, and overall performance – simply by developing good habits. 

Across our 10,000+ client locations, we found that the most successful frontline managers who implemented rituals drove impressive results:

  1. Happier employees and less turnover: When employees know what is expected of them and have clear guidelines to follow, they are more likely to feel motivated and engaged in their work, leading to a positive work environment and improved team morale – and retention. 
  2. Develop top-performing teams: Developing rituals around customer service can help you ensure that every customer receives the same level of attention and care, improving the dining experience and leading to positive reviews and repeat business. 
  3. Work less and accomplish more: Consistent and efficient routines can streamline daily operations and ensure that tasks are completed correctly, which can lead to better quality of food and service, and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Rituals that work become second-nature, helping you save time and focus on other important aspects of running a restaurant. 

It’s a win-win!

How to Implement 

Rituals are like habits – eventually becoming something you do without even thinking about it. Rituals help you do the right thing automatically. And you’re already doing a ton of them in your personal life.

To help solve your turnover troubles, we’ve put together a full guide that will bring a ritual mindset into your workplace. This new approach will improve your leadership skills and maximize the effort being put out by your crew!

Ready to get started? Download our guide, 5 Rituals of Great Frontline Managers to learn more!