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QSR Trends

The Importance of the Exit Survey: It can be surprising how candidly employees express why they left in their exit survey. These insights allow employers to make more informed business decisions.

From 350,000+ surveys delivered through HourWork, we compiled a weighted list of the most mentioned words to create this word-cloud visualization:




  • Although employees leave jobs for many reasons, most often, the answers given in exit surveys are about relationships at work (i.e. manager, employee, told, felt).
  • Employees also often voice how their schedule impacts their decision to leave (i.e. hour, schedule, time).

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How do you use exit survey findings to inform your business decisions?

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May 2023 QSR Wage Report

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  • 73.4% of positions have higher wages compared to this time last year.
  • On average, wages have seen a 9.8% increase year-over-year.
  • Managers saw the highest wage increase, coming in 9.5% higher than last year.

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This report is updated monthly with data from positions analyzed based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ SOC codes mapped to local job postings.

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