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QSR Trends

Did you know your employees’ concerns change over the critical first 90 days as they on board with you? Your ability to communicate effectively with new employees directly ties to your retention.

Want to know what employees are thinking so you can get ahead of their concerns during those first weeks? We thought so, so we pulled out the trends to give you a leg up

We analyzed thousands of exit surveys to see why QSR employees leave jobs. Check out how it changes over time:



  • Early on, aligning on wages is the most important part of keeping an employee through their first two weeks.
  • After that, scheduling concerns peak in the 30-90 day window.
  • Over time, management is the main reason employees leave – especially once wages and schedules get settled.

Pro tip >>  Use technology to help you surface questions and concerns from your new employees early. Properly aligning on key job factors and avoiding miscommunications can help you grow a loyal workforce.

How are you addressing these factors in your employee onboarding? Are you able to take action on data to improve your turnover?

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April 2023 QSR Wage Report

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  • 72% of positions have higher wages compared to this time last year.
  • On average, wages have seen a 7.7% increase year-over-year.
  • Managers saw the highest overall wage increases, coming in 9.4% higher than last year. Shift supervisors had the most moderate change, with wages growing 6.3%.

Pro tip >> Provide access to the training maps that show employees the opportunities for advancement. Knowing paths to progress through all positions will help motivate your team to stay and grow.

This report is updated monthly with data from positions analyzed based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ SOC codes mapped to local job postings.

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