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QSR Trends

One of the best times to get unfiltered perspectives from employees is when they are exiting an organization. As QSR franchisees create their 2023 people plans, it comes as no surprise that we have been asked (even more than usual!) for insights on what reasons QSR employees gave for quitting this year.

We’ve analyzed over 30,000 exit surveys, organized by length of tenure before exit from the organization, to investigate this topic more. This is what we found:

What can we learn from this?

  • Manager was the #1 topic mentioned most at an employee’s exit regardless of  tenure, demonstrating how relevant management is when considering leaving an organization.
  • Wage was more relevant than schedule if an employee left within the first 7 days. A deeper dive revealed that, in some instances, new employees felt they weren’t paid what they were promised during their interview. This shows an opportunity to tighten the hiring process so everyone is on the same page about wage.
  • The longer the tenure of an employee, the more likely they will identify their schedule as the reason for leaving their job. 

When you collect feedback from employees as they exit your organization, you’ll be able to identify patterns earlier and take action to drive retention. 

What is on your employees’ minds when they’re leaving? How are you addressing that feedback in your people strategy?  If you’re not sure, set up a demo. HourWork can help. 

November 2022 QSR Wage Report

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  • Average wage increase across QSR jobs since last year is 9.3%.
  • While it is critical to have equitable pay and offer a competitive wage in your market, our exit survey data shows “manager” mentioned nearly twice as much as wage.

Pro tip >> The one-two punch to drive your retention in 2023 is a competitive wage and managers armed with automated retention software to easily show your employees that their managers listen and care.

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