We were SO EXCITED (and a little nervous) when top recruitment-tech Podcast Chad  & Cheese asked to interview HourWork CEO Rahkeem Morris for Voices, their exclusive series featuring the most influential voices in recruitment.

Episode 1 Teaser:

After all, “Chad & Cheese are the hosts of HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast and the snarkiest of
industry analysts,” according to their website. After hearing the interviews, we couldn’t be
more thrilled to bring them to your ears.

All episodes dropped at the same time so you can “binge” them – wow. We’ve really made it. Our own binge-able series! During the interview you’ll learn:

  • Rahkeem’s vision to build an hourly workspace that works for everyone
  • ​​​​​How his experience as a child in a single-parent household, working 15+ hourly jobs & studying at Harvard shaped his roadmap for HourWork
  • How HourWork is helping 10,000+ QSR restaurants simplify recruitment & retention

Drum roll, please! Without further adieu:

Episode 1:

Listen to the 5-episode special Chad & Cheese Voices series featuring Rahkeem Morris here.