5 Rituals of Great
Frontline Managers

Learn the time-tested rituals that separate the good
from the great frontline managers.

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What’s Included in the Report?

Great Results,
Less Work

These five rituals help you do less and accomplish more as you manage your employees

Valuable Insights

Find out how these continuous habits help make your life and the lives of your employees easier

Who is this report for?

Frontline managers who want to have happier employees and less turnover

If you can X, fewer employees will quit

Minimize hiring, training, onboarding, and administrative work for you with these rituals

"What can my manager do to prevent turnover!?"

  • This report will show you the rituals to drive retention.

Who is HourWork?

We’re glad you asked! We’re a company that works with over 10,000+ QSR locations across brands like McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bello, Domino's and most likely yours too! Our easy-to-use software does two things:

We improve applicant flow

We help you double applicant flow by re-engaging the people you already know – past applicants and former employees.

We increase retention

We help you increase retention by 30% or more by figuring out what matters most to your employees through our automated check-ins so you can build employee loyalty and prevent turnover.

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