Brent Whitley

QA Engineer

Brent is a QA Engineer whose goal is to support the team by ensuring that HourWork’s product works like a charm before going out the door with each release.

Prior to working for HourWork, he was a Lead QA Engineer for NexPort Solutions, under Darwin Global. His team worked alongside Smart Horizons to provide educational opportunities and professional training for a number of communities and organizations throughout the U.S.

Brent has a Bachelor’s of Science – Multimedia Degree from Cameron University, with a minor in Chemistry. He has a partial MBA track, and found interest in Business/Supply Chain Management. It was here that he learned where problem-solving issues often leads to success stories, and a likely beginning to his QA career. He also has to thank his “Big Bro” for being the catalyst to starting his first QA job after leaving his position as a Sr. Web Developer & Designer for a local business.

Outside of work, Brent’s an avid gamer, and loves spending time with his family both inside and out of virtual worlds. He also enjoys reading, sci-fi, cooking, and supporting his wife with her desire to become a Private Investigator, as well as her work in the local MMIW/MMIP chapter where their efforts have found a number of missing indigenous people in the surrounding community.

Factoids & Favorites
  • He is a 3rd-generation Computer-based Engineer, so between his Grandad and Dad, he was practically born with a computer in my hand.
  • Likes to entertain family and friends with some voice impressions, and they say he does a couple of them fairly well!
  • Favorite HourWork value: Relationships! His belief is that when we are all connected, and the old saying, "it takes a village", then the rest of these values tend to happen naturally.

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