David Wertheimer

Sr. Director Engineering
David is a seasoned technology leader with over two decades of experience leading technology teams and projects. With a background in e-commerce, David seamlessly transitioned to senior software engineering leadership roles in growth-stage startups, with a recent emphasis on B2B SaaS companies. He has a passion for creating an environment where engineering teams are able to sustainably perform at a high level.
Factoids & Favorites
  • He grew up in Connecticut, has two adult children, and now lives in South Philly. If pressed, he'd go with Tony Luke's as the best Cheese Steak.
  • He enjoys hiking, good food, travel, and cooking. He considers London to be a second home.
  • Favorite HourWork Value is Autonomy: Resonates strongly with David since he believes it is one of the keys to unlocking small team performance.