Felicia Hanitio

Senior Product Strategy Manager

Felicia collaborates across functions to launch new features and product lines that generate network effects.

A social entrepreneur at heart, Felicia has spent her career building and scaling solutions that facilitate intergenerational mobility through quality education and work. She started her career at a corporate foundation in Indonesia, where she built the early childhood education team from scratch and scaled affordable training infrastructure for over 14,000 educators. Most recently, she helped workforce startup AdeptID grow 3x within months as their first Chief of Staff and growth lead.

Felicia holds a B.S. in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt and MBA from Harvard Business School. She is on the board of a global leadership development organization and advises several education nonprofits in Indonesia.

Factoids & Favorites
  • Big believer in “no pain, no gain”! She once ate 10 habanero peppers for a fundraising challenge and is slowly working toward qualifying for the Boston Marathon.
  • Faith is the most important foundation of her life.
  • Favorite HourWork value: Relationships. It is the glue and engine that enables all else. She is also her best self when building relationships. At her previous company, her 1:1 chats were jokingly coined “Felicia heart-to-hearts”!

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