Prudencia Exilus

Implementation Specialist
Prudencia is trilingual (yes, tri – Haitian Creole, French and English) and previously worked at Buildium as a key account implementation specialist for 3 years. Her passion is helping her teammates have transparent conversations with clients about expectations in order to produce successful outcomes. Outside of work, you can find Prudencia at the gym, playing with her PitBull Blue. Reading, meditating and hanging out with friends and family.
Factoids & Favorites
  • Moved to the US at 14. First to New York, then Boston and recently Florida (it reminds her of home, Haiti).
  • Self help enthusiast: Loves reading, seminars, finding life coaches and speakers on youtube and podcasts.
  • Favorite HourWork Value: Relationship - the better you treat those around you, the better the quality of your life/work will be. Life is a celebration, you were meant to be here so you could meet Pru.

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