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QSR Trend to Watch: Positive Employee Feedback

Employees who feel heard and are empowered to share about their experience often give constructive feedback that can help you improve your operations and profitability (in addition to employee experience and retention).

Bonus: Employees also share positive feedback! The chart below shows the top positive sentiments shared across the 400,000+ messages we audited:

The Top 5 Positive Sentiments Shared via HourWork QSR Employee Pulse Checks



​​​​​​When employees share positive feedback, more than half of the time their satisfaction relates to teammates. Your culture impacts all other aspects of the employee experience.

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How do your employees feel about their work?

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May 2023 QSR Wage Report

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Insights compared to May 2022:

  • 73.9% positions have higher wages.
  • 66.7% more jobs are posted.
  • The average wage increased by 8.1% and the highest wage increase is 11.4% for cooks.

This report is updated monthly with data from positions analyzed based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ SOC codes mapped to local job postings.

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