Retain & Recruit

It’s never been more difficult to retain and recruit workers.

HourWork helps 900+ organizations build happier and more loyal teams in a short-staffed world.


Invest in your greatest resource

Happy employees make happy customers. We help you
engage and retain the amazing people you have,
and surface improvement areas early.

New Hire Check-ins
HourWork texts and emails new employees throughout their first 90 days, so they stay engaged and can resolve any issues that arise.
Pulse Surveys & Exit Surveys
HourWork automatically sends powerfully simple pulse surveys to your current and former employees, so you get mission-critical feedback.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
HourWork automatically texts and emails employees at important work milestones, so they know you care!

Keep your personal touch, at scale.

Check in with your employees without adding work for your managers.

Automatically check in during the critical first 90 days

Employees are 5X more likely to quit during onboarding due to issues like miscommunication. Keep in touch with your new hires to ensure no one slips through the cracks.

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Surface actionable, turnover-busting insights

Powerfully simple pulse surveys get you mission-critical feedback, so you can beat problem areas before losing your team members.

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Double your applicant flow

An applicant boost when you need it most, taking you from
where you are today to where you need to be.

Direct contacts
Every past applicant and eligible former employee receives a sequence of customized messages proven to generate applicants.
Powerful Automation
HourWork automatically sends the candidates to re-apply in your ATS, notifies your hiring managers, and automatically follows-up to increase hire-rate.
Unrivaled Results
2x applicant flow for 2 months, even in the hardest hiring environments.

Boost hiring for busy times

Make the most of the seasonal rush by having candidates in reserve you can reach with the click of a button.

Easily reach eligible candidates

When you need support, tapping into your previous employee pool helps you find the right fit fast — so they fly through training and share your values.

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Double your applicant flow


Increase first 90-day retention by 30%


Trusted by 900+ franchises in 10,000+ locations