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Great insights to make better business decisions.

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Before HourWork, we were reactive, focusing on what we could get coming in the door from other vendors. We were left to hope we had applications come in. Having HourWork allows us to reach back out to our past employees and candidates and it has been invaluable. We use HourWork to maintain regular check-ins with our people. Before, we didn’t have a way of getting feedback without asking and we weren’t doing that with any consistency. Now, we get great information that helps us make better decisions. Before HourWork, we didn’t have a good pulse on employee feedback. Now, our GMs and managers can drive development and training culture. As we get new people in the door, with the feedback we’re getting through HourWork’s retention tool, we do a better job with onboarding, training, and development. – Dustin Riddle, Director of Operations, Great American Hospitality, Sonic Franchise