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QSR Trends

Did you know your employees often decide how long they’re going to work for you within their first few weeks on the job? Your company’s first impression during those early weeks directly ties to your retention.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have insight as to what your employees are thinking about during those first weeks… so you could better address their concerns and give them a great experience? Guess what – we’ve got you covered.

We analyzed thousands of message responses from QSR employees’ during their first 30 days on the job. Take a peek at the topics they talked about below:

More Context:

  • Schedule and pay are topics employees often talk about in feedback within their first 30 days.
  • These messages are often operational questions that are easy to answer (i.e. “How do I get paid?”) – and if they are left unanswered, could significantly diminish the employee’s first impression.

Pro tip >> Streamline a way to surface questions from new employees fast. Common miscommunications – if surfaced – can be easily addressed. If left unsurfaced, are painful and can lead to an employee quitting quickly.

 How often are you seeing these types of topics come up in your employees’ first 30 days? Is it impacting your retention?

If you’re not sure, set up a demo. HourWork can help.

October 2022 QSR Wage Report

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  • Average manager wage is 37% higher than average shift supervisor wage.
  • Average shift manager wage is 19% higher than average crew wage.

Pro tip >> Tell crew and supervisors what their future could look like at your company; they’ll be more likely to work harder and stay longer.

This report is updated monthly with data from positions analyzed based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ SOC codes.

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