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Discover how HourWork's innovative platform tackles high turnover, creates an easy way for workers and HR to communicate, and uncovers skill gaps and areas of opportunity to transform your workforce management and maximize profit.

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HourWork Revolutionizes Staffing in Distribution Centers

Labor Shortages & Demand Fluctuations

As you prepare for peak season, use HourWork's hiring campaigns to automatically message past applicants and eligible former employees via SMS and invite them to reapply.

High Turnover Rates

Automatically check-in with workers during critical months, to ensure an ideal onboarding experience, and allow workers to provide feedback.

Training and Skill Development

HourWork's touchpoint and announcement functionality ensures every new-hire feels confident and has the skills to successfully complete their responsibilities.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Send surveys to employees to routinely capture topic-specific sentiment and automatically check in with each employee over their first 90-days.

Labor Shortages & High Turnover Affecting Your Distribution Center's Efficiency?

  • Get visibility into all things people with HourWork's engagement platform.

Who is HourWork?

We’re glad you asked! Our AI-powered platform gives you and your management team the actionable data needed to make better people decisions. Our easy-to-use software does two things:

Maximize Engagement

We utilize text messages to understand employee engagement at key milestones, throughout their journey, and even at exit. This gives you a powerful pulse on your workforce and helps you gauge the effectiveness of any changes you implement.

Boost Visibility

Enjoy insights that result in better management visibility and decision making. We use artificial intelligence (AI) to power our proprietary Signals and Signals+, first-of-their-kind reports give you a birds-eye view and actionable insights.

Customer Spotlight: Imperial Distributors

Serving 4,200+ grocers & retail locations along with Barnes & Nobles on college campuses
Last year, we brought in HourWork as a tool to improve our retention and engagement of our team members. We have about 300 team members in our distribution center, across many shifts, and 300 team members in our sales division, across many states. We wanted to bridge the gap between HR’s communication and our team members.

We have been able to set up automated texts to go out to our team members based on certain criteria like their birthday, work anniversary, or a 60 day check in. The team members can respond to us directly, via text message, and we can respond to any questions or information they share.

HourWork has opened a new opportunity for us to connect with our team, or get information out to them quickly. We are excited to continue to utilize the new changes that come through. They are always improving their features, based on our feedback.”

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