Lacy Knaffla

Head of People & Culture
Lacy is the Head of People & Culture at HourWork and has a passion for empathetic leadership and fostering inclusive, high-performing work experiences for employees. She is motivated by her deep care for people and desire to improve the 40+ hours a week people spend working. Prior to HourWork, Lacy developed a start-up background, building processes, programs, and policies from the ground up for the entire employee lifecycle. Her experiences scaling a company from 50 to 250+ allowed her to shape a big-picture mindset focusing on how all business decisions and communications impact the employee experience. When offline, you can catch her gaming (both the tabletop and video variety), making dinner for her friends and family, going on outdoor adventures, and frequently exploring new hobbies & interests.
Factoids & Favorites
  • Favorite HourWork Value: Equity, we aim to level the playing field, giving access to the American Dream to all.
  • Loves to learn. Recently picked up vegan cooking, stilt-walking, and is currently trying to pick up Japanese and rug-tufting.
  • Briefly hosted an AirBNB from her home -- she's met and made friends with people from all over the world some who have even hosted her in their homes in return.

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